15 Best Films For Kids On Blu-Ray

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Best Kids Movie

Finally, you have decked out your home theatre with Blu-Ray DVD player and started searching for some
stunning Blu-Ray films?

Kids love to watch their favorite movies all time and in fact, Blu-Ray discs are a perfect gift for kids.
Then for such parents who are searching for movies for their kids, we’ve bought a cool classic collection to add much more cheers to kids. These films will top among everyone’s ‘wish list’.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” This is amazing to hear right. Frozen is one of the best films to watch
on Blu-ray. It has a freezing quality with a beautiful ice palace. This movie will never tell your child “Let
it go”.

Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Edition
Every parent has to bring this amazing classic story for their children on Blu-ray. Ofcourse, no doubt, all
age groups will love this film.

Harry Potter: The complete 8-film collection
Everyone has a fantasy to watch Harry Potter. The film is full of secrets. The Harry Potter 8-film
collection on Blu-ray is full of special features and extended versions of each film. A wand-er-full gift for
any Potterhead!

The next big film to gift your child is Brave. It’s visually stunning to watch as it has great animations in it.
This film will make you struck as it has a powerful arrow when you really watch it on Blu-ray disc.

Robot! The coming future. This film will make an outstanding impact on every child. Your children will
never be bored of watching this film as it transforms with stunning colours and visuals.

Aladdin: Diamond Edition
Classic forever! Hilarious genie outtakes with Robin Williams and this will be one of your favourite
wishes to watch on Blu-ray.

How to train your Dragon 2
‘Dragon trainers’, interesting, right? Every kid would definitely have that curiosity to watch dragon and
this collection will not make them disappoint.

Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda! The film’s characters are brought to life in a very crispy manner where your child may
increase cravings for noodles. Your children have to watch this Blu-ray edition of Kung Fu Panda.

The Complete Top Story Collection
Hats off to the complete Toy Story collection on Blu-ray! A definite step up from their DVD counterparts,
these films are sure to liven up a rainy weekend in.

Coraline unlocks a mysterious door and enters a magical world, owners of this Blu-ray DVD will unlock
stunning images and special features revealing a world of depth on film.

Minion yellow and denim blue dominate the film, but the colours of the Arctic, ice and a charming red
super villain add brilliant contrast in this unconventional family film. The 3D version makes the fun pop

out of the screen without losing image quality!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Who wouldn’t want to see Tim Burton’s Christmas masterpiece transformed into Blu-ray? You’ll notice
details in the animation that weren’t visible before while enjoying this classic film.

Ice Age
While the original animation of this film isn’t as defined as newer animated movies, the Blu-ray edition
breathes new life into this children’s favourite. As winter comes rolling around there’s no better way to
cozy up than with your favourite mammoth and sloth!

Finding Dory
The newest big hit from Pixar is now available on Blu-ray and kids are loving it! The disc is packed with
special features that will keep the kids entertained for hours, while also learning a thing or two about
marine life!

The Peanuts Movie
Audiences young and old were excited about the release of the Blu-ray edition of this children’s classic
last year and it did not disappoint. Everyone’s favorite pet got a new look on Blu-ray, and even if you’re
not a huge Peanuts fan, the soundtrack alone is worth giving it a shot for!

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