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These days when we usually want to spend our free time, we start using the internet. We read the news,
do shopping or scroll the newsfeed in social media networks, play kind of candy crush games and kill the
time. But you know, there are several other things which you can do using the internet in your free time.
This time will be more productive for your daily lifestyle. You can do volunteer something for the online
world and make yourself useful.

Edit Wikipedia
Wikipedia is the better place where one finds everything. This is the way we collect knowledge and start
doing certain things. So, you can edit the Wiki and be helpful for others.

Well, you start grabbing knowledge from Wikis. In addition to this, you can add to it. Wikipedias can be
edited by anyone. You don’t even need to register your details to edit it.

There’s Edit option available in every web page of Wikipedia. You can click on it and start editing the
page. If you are using an app on your phone, you can edit it by clicking on the pen icon. You can fix the
grammatical and spelling errors. You can add your points which you experienced and which are factful.
Anyhow, you need to link to verifiable sources wherever it is possible.

Make sure you provide factful information while editing the Wikipedia. Well, if the information provided
by you seems to be wrong, the other editors can re-edit it without your permission. You can check those
changes again by signing up for an account. This will help in tracking the changes and communicate with
others about a topic. You can register and get your own profile page and join the Wikipedia community.
Then you will be able to customize the layout of Wikipedia too.

Beta test software
Before companies release their softwares to market, they will give it to beta software testers. These early
adopters can fix the technical issues and keep an eye on bugs which will be then reported to developers to
fix them. Don’t worry. You need not be techy or don’t need to have any coding knowledge to deal with
these issues. You can support to standardise the software with your simple efforts.

You can volunteer to beta tests free and open-source programs like Mozilla Firefox or LibreOffice by
leaving a feedback. Mozilla Firefox, the web browser gives an opportunity for the netizen to leave a
feedback using its online reporting tool. The open-source office suit LibreOffice gives the same
opportunity for the user with bug-reporting platform Bugzilla. You can report any issues using them.

When you post your feedbacks that means you’re automatically signing up to be part of these

For example, Mozilla Firefox will allow volunteers to post online feedbacks using the online reporting
tool. Likewise, LibreOffice will allow users to code, develop and file everything for free. For your
volunteer work, you will be rewarded with early access to new features.

Review your past purchases
Reviewing the products which you’ve purchased is the best way to help other people. You can leave a
review a product or a location or a restro which you’ve experienced previously. You can add if they are
good or gave you a miserable experience. But keep in mind that you are being a source for someone who
is thinking whether to spend or not to spend their money on a product, place, food etc. Perhaps, your
reviews will help the sellers also to build their audiences and to overcome the drawbacks.

Make sure you write the reviews honestly and give an accurate rating. Be keen on what you are telling
other audiences. Write about a product or a gadget, or about a restaurant and its prices, taste etc. When
you are posting some negative reviews, add why you feel so in a detail. You can also add photos if the
review site is allowing you to.

Now if you are not able to think of an item which you’ve purchased long back, then visit your purchase
history on an online shopping site like Amazon, Sign into your account, then click the Account& Lists
link which is available in the toolbar at the top of the page, then go to Your Orders to see which you’ve
recently purchased. You’ll find Write a product review option beside every item you’ve purchased.

Promote good causes
Promoting good causes to help build good society is a very good task which you can take up in your free
time. You can promote social organizations which are working for good causes in social media. You can
also make a practice of promoting viral challenges say the Ice Bucket Challenge which had become the
most viral stunt in social media and it has led to a great cause for the society.

You can even search for good charities, communities, NGOs and start following them on social media
and help them in raising funds, support them in their upcoming events etc.. You can share and give a push
to their social ideas, review their pages, post comments to let others know about them.

But remember, you shouldn’t go overboard with your friends and family may ignore your posts on social
media platforms. So, do share and support such communities, NGOs occasionally and carefully. Make a
wise choice which can make a difference in the society.

Volunteer virtually
You can start volunteering at an organisation directly. Not just online, but you can join your hands and
work with them offline. You can spend your time productively by doing some work to the organisations
still not going out from your house. You can volunteer virtually from your home using your computer.

As several charities are seeking for virtual volunteers to work from their home, you can join them by
going to their website and see if they offer any home-based work for volunteers. You can segregate data,
prepare worksheets online, write content for their blogs and YouTube videos and support for good causes.

There are websites named VolunteerMatch and UN Volunteers where you can work online. They provide
you unpaid jobs like teaching, writing, doing some research work, organizing events based on where you
live and what you do.

Contribute to Google Maps
The gigantic Google has lots of things in it. You can add some information to it in its Google Maps and
make the work easier for others. You can submit photos, reviews of places to help strangers who are
visiting or planning to visit a particular place. You can also answer frequent questions about the particular
place and help others.

Go to Google Maps, (via a website, Android, iOS) and it asks you few questions and you can select few
actions and answer those questions which you’ve experienced them previously. You can also select
Suggest an edit and change or add the address of the place, post reviews and rate the places and add
photos by clicking on the camera icon and then submit them.

If you want to contribute to Google Maps, just sign up to be a Local Guide for Google and keep posting
your views and earn points for your contributions.

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