For A Change, Why Don’t You Try These Alternate Social Networks?

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Of all the social media networks, Facebook and WhatsApp have become the giant networks in today’s
world. Sometimes life without Facebook and WhatsApp seems miserable. But still, we always wish to get
rid of these social media sites and relish life. Anyhow, that’s impossible. Quitting these social media
entirely is a difficult task and don’t worry. You can actually give a break to these routine social media
platforms and try something different. You can actually start using small networks to fill your basic
needs. You can try out these small networks with your friends, neighbors and stay in touch with them and
enjoy new trendy life.

Nextdoor is currently being used by 169,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. This might be an unknown fact
for you. Nextdoor comes handy if you just buy or sell used furniture, plan a street party or look after local
issues like potholes. You can stay in touch with your friends too.

To start using Nextdoor, create a profile by filling the details. Then you can start searching your friends in
your geographical location. You can even invite your friends to join Nextdoor if you do not find any of
them on this platform.

Once you add your neighbors to your friend’s list, you will start seeing their posts on your Nextdoor news
feed, just like the Facebook newsfeed. But in Nextdoor, the posts are limited to local people which are
relevant and your newsfeed will not become messy with unnecessary stuff.

You can also post your requirements say if you are in need of a Refrigerator, or if you notice a crime
which everyone must be aware of? You can let your neighbors know by a single post. This will help you
in a better communication with your neighbors.

Once upon a time, Ello itself promoted that it’s a big rival to the social media networks. However, it ended
up by never fulfilling its promise. But still, Ello is now the best platform for creators.

Ello is a platform where you’ll love to look or post your artworks with others. You can create Ello profile
by not sharing your working details or your personal information. Instead, you can create the profile with
your interests and type of your artist profession say photography, dancing, visual art, architecture, writing
and many more. You can add several categories to your interests list and get posts relevant to your
interests. You can comment, like and repost the work which you love. You can even follow an artist
whose work you find interesting. You can also discover people by searching them in the Discover section.

Ello also serves you in selling your artistic content through the website. Ello looks fine with its simple
interface and in fact, it has got a slick look. Uploading art by dragging and dropping images or links into
your browser is an easy task in Ello.

Catster or Dogster
Are you a pet lover? Then here’s the best social media platform waiting for you. Catster and Dogster are
the fine social apps which are created for the pet lovers. You can create your profile and show off your cat
or dog and enjoy the news feed of cute pets. You can share advice on canine and feline healthy lifestyle
on Catster or Dogster

In these apps, the profile is not just your’s but technically it’s your pet’s profile. You can share the information of your pet with the people who are interested. Once you sign up, you can chat with like- minded people in the busy community sections. You share tips, stories, pictures of your lovely pet andhave a discussion related to animals.

In Catster or Dogster, you can even read the information related to animals and get pieces of advice for
them. You’ll even get to know about different breeds and get interesting tips if you are the first time being
a cat or dog owner. You’ll also come across videos and pet science. They provide huge information related to pet, which none can beat.

But, make a note:
Catster or Dogster are not that grown and developed platforms like Facebook. You will not be able to find
those huge communities in these apps. These sites are still in developing stages and they will be providing
updates lately but trust us, no one can beat them in providing the right information about pets.

This app name sounds interesting, right? True! Peanut actually helps mothers connect with other moms
which is really a great platform for all the mothers to share their stories together. Peanut has emotional
stuff, swap stories, advice. It also plans some kinda kitty parties for all mothers to get out of their houses
once in a while.

As Peanut doesn’t have a strong web presence, one need to install the app from the store and sign in with
the Facebook account. Peanut basically requires larger network in order to use the app. When you sign up
with your FB account, it asks you few questions about your interests, location and your pregnancy details
(if relevant). Well, Peanut will connect you with other moms based on your location. It shows you other
moms’ profiles and you can just swipe left or right to connect with them. When you become friends with
other moms, you can share tips, advice and chat with them personally.

Not just one-to-one conversations, but you can have group conversations, public discussions using
forums. You can run polls and get advice about your motherhood and parenting problems. Starting from
baby’s day 1 till their schooling part, you can have a good discussion with other moms. Mothers can also
arrange to hang out with new friends.

Wanelo is one of the platforms for shoppers. The app is not much popular but it has best deals from
furniture to fashion. The major difference between other shopping platforms and Wanelo is that you can
follow other shoppers, set up wish lists, swap ideas for bargains etc..

When you sign up to Wanelo, your profile will be visible for everyone. It also asks you to add a short bio
about you on your profile. You can add your favorite stores, and follow other shoppers who have same
shopping interests like you do. Wanelo customizes the feed about shopping deals based on your interests.
You can order any item which you love on Wanelo or save it for later if you really love it. You can set up
several wish lists according to the categories say summer wardrobe or dining room furniture and

Wanelo allows you to pin collections, products, organize lists to your own profile. Just like on Facebook,
you can browse others’ profiles. You can even share pictures and do reviews of those products. This will
be helpful for other members of Wanelo community.

Vero is also a photo-sharing app where it is almost similar to Instagram. But Vero is an upcoming app
rather than an established one. So, obviously, when you use Vero, you will encounter some bugs. But, if
you can manage them, you can enjoy Vero differently.

Vero glimpses just like Instagram. You can share pictures with links or recommendations for music,
movies, and books. You can add hashtags to the posts and make easy for others to follow them. Also, the
app has privacy controls where you can customize your audience- with you can share your updates. You
can message in groups or have chat conversations individually.

Vero makes an easy way for users to search for old posts, allowing to have a quick view. You will not
face any algorithm issues say chronological order within your posts. And more interestingly, you will not
face any advertisement issues with Vero. But still, you have to face issues with its subscription charges.

As this is an up and coming app, for now, its free for the first million people who sign up. So, you can just
give a trial with Vero and if interested can continue with it.

This has already hit 345 million users but it is still being used as blogging platform rather than a social
networking site.

Tumblr goes hand in hand with its social networking features which are not known to most of us. You can
use Tumblr to post text, audio, links, images and videos on your timeline and share with others. Of
course, it also supports for GIFs. You can set up privacy control over your profile such that others cannot
view your profile without your acceptance.

Tumblr gives you an endless newsfeed. You can get content posted on the accounts you follow. You can
include your favourite movies, musicians, TV shows, comics or artists and of course, you can follow
them. You can also chat with others and share your content using hashtags like you do on Twitter. It has a heart icon where if you ‘like’ a post, you can just click the heart icon. It also allows you to retweet: Re-share your following account holder’s posts to your timeline as you do on FB. You can add some interesting comment and share them.

Note: All these apps are available for both Android and iOS and are free to use online.

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