How To Book An Ola or Uber Using PC?

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These days, Ola and Uber have become the common means of traveling from one place to another.
Whenever we need an Ola or Uber cab, we just start booking them using our phone. However, there’s no
need of phone to book a cab, if you are sitting in front of your PC. You can actually starting booking them
from your PC.

Ola officially supports desktop bookings but for Uber you need to play some tricks to book a cab with
your PC. Here’s how you can book a cab using your PC.

How to book Uber without Phone app?
The Uber website on desktop will not allow you to book a cab but you can use the mobile website and
book a cab.
• Open from your PC browser.
• It asks for you’re phone number and then password for login.
• As usually, you are going to receive an OTP on your phone.
• Enter the OTP and go to the booking page (this is just a single time issue and next time when you
want to book a cab, you don’t need to sign in again).
• When you are done with the process, it prompts to use your location services.
• You can either enable or disable and then you’re guided to the booking screen.
• Enter your pickup and drop location as you do in your phone.
• You will find several cab options, the fare estimations and pickup time and the payment method
and lastly the request option.
• Select and click on the request and Uber will book a cab for you and you are all set to move.

For Windows 8 laptop or tablet, you can just download Uber from the Microsoft Store for free and book a
ca directly from the official app. For Windows PC, Uber cab can be booked using the official Uber app. It
uses your current location to book a cab. This works on all Windows 10 devices.

Ola also supports Windows 10 application, but this is only compatible with Windows 10 Mobile. So, you
can’t use the Ola service on your laptop or desktop computer.

Uber for Mac
Well, Mac users won’t found Uber app but there’s an app called Fastlane which can be used to book an
Uber from Apple PC. Fastlane is also free. You can go to Fastlane official page and go to the menu bar
and with one click you can book an Uber. When you enter your pickup and drop locations, you can
request for an Uber cab. You can also download Fastlane free from its official website to save your time.

Uber with Office 365
Uber has collaborated with Microsoft where if you’re using Office 365, Uber will use your Outlook APIs
to book a cab. You can set a reminder for booking an Uber cab your calendar and when it’s time to go,
you will find a pop-up. When you swipe to confirm ride in the reminder, it automatically books a cab for

How to book Ola without the Phone app?
• Booking an Ola booking is easier than Uber.
• Just go to in your PC browser.
• In the box which appears in the left side to the screen, you can enter pickup and drop locations.
• Then click on the Search Cabs.
• You will find a list of cars, prices and time to pick up. You can select any of them. It shows Cash
as the payment. Click on it to sign in.
• Enter your phone number.

• Then it sends an OTP, use it to sign in. (you don’t an OTP when sign in next time)

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