WhatsApp Business Accounts To Receive Green Badges After Verification

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It’s high time for WhatsApp Buniess app which has been out in January 2017. The app aims to support
and promote small and medium firms in India, UK, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, and the United States.

WhatsApp Business app has been launched by the company to support small and medium scale
enterprises with all the business-centric features and tools to help and promote businesses in social media.
The app will make the owners and customers communicate easily and efficiently. The Facebook-owned
chat app is being tested in its the beta version to launch in other parts of the world.

Though the WhatsApp Business App is just a month old, it has got a new feature. WhatsApp Business
app got a green badge for the verification of the Business. If the business accounts are verified, they will
be assigned with these green badges.

The app verifies the complete contact information of the business and it will be given a green badge as a
trustworthy business account. There’s nothing you can do to get this green badge. The app will
automatically verify the account with its verification method. It will check the account and assign a green
badge if its verification is done. So, to give your business account a green badge, WhatsApp will take its
time and verify in its parameters. This will help customers to choose their choice in WhatsApp Business

WABeta reports, “You have to do nothing to get the verified badge on WhatsApp: you mustn’t send a
request to WhatsApp, you mustn’t ask them to have it and sending to them some documents that
demonstrate that your business exists and it’s real is totally useless.”

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